He has cerebral palsy, which affects all four limbs, and cortical vision impairment, which means he struggles to see further than a metre.
This is perhaps my favourite ever photo of Jack.
We were so unsure whether to take him to see Springsteen in Melbourne this week.
On the one hand, he is seriously obsessed. He watches “Bwuce” all day on YouTube. No greatest hits fan is Jack. He requests specific gigs, tracks, guest artists (Bwian from Gaslight Anthem with Bwuce!). He knows all the E-Street Band by name.
On the other hand, lack of vision and sensory processing issues mean he can’t cope with loud music. He’s made screaming exits from the school fete and dozens of other PA scenarios. He even hates rain if it’s too loud on the roof.
So we thought he was no chance to cope. My prediction was two minutes max. My wife Tamsin convinced me we had to …