NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – Amanda Stockfelt gripped her 8-week old daughter, Autumn, tightly as they were tossed into the air and sucked into the vortex of a passing tornado.
Stockfelt, who works at an impound lot near NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, usually never brings her daughter to work, but Tuesday little Autumn had a doctor’s appointment so Stockfelt brought her and planned to take a half-day before the doctor’s visit.
It was a typical morning until Stockfelt heard the tell-tale sound of an incoming tornado.
“I heard the sound of a freight train and I was holding her. All I could think of was putting her back in her car seat. So I put her in the car seat, buckled her up, and put her underneath my work desk. I crawled underneath there with her and locked my arm around the handle of her car seat,” Stockfelt said.
Within moments, as Stockfelt huddled under …