Thanks to the help and generosity of strangers, a New York father with cancer was able to walk his daughter down the aisle.
Alyssa Kamm, 28, a Rochester resident, moved up her wedding after learning that her dad Karl Jones was diagnosed with the disease just three weeks ago.
“It was more than I could’ve ever asked for,” Alyssa Kamm told ABC News of her nuptials. “My dad’s always been a superhero to me, invincible. I’m such a daddy’s girl, so when I heard that about him it just broke my heart. To imagine not having him with me, there to walk me down the aisle, was the worst thought. I would’ve been heartbroken if my dad couldn’t have done that for me.”
Jones was diagnosed with an advanced cancer on Jan. 13.
Kamm said she found out that day while at a conference for …