Cats would keep their claws under a bill that would make New Jersey the first state to prohibit declawing.
The measure, which cleared the lower chamber of the Legislature last month, bans onychectomies and flexor tendonectomies on a cat or any animal unless a veterinarian deems them medically necessary. Sponsors in the state Senate are reviewing possible changes, and it’s not clear when it will move forward.
The practice, often undertaken to prevent cats from shredding furniture or injuring humans or other pets, is already banned in several California cities and in nearly 20 countries. A similar bill died in New York last year.
“Declawing is a barbaric practice that more often than not is done for the sake of convenience rather than necessity,” the bill’s sponsor, Democratic Assemblyman Troy Singleton, said in a statement.
An onychectomy involves amputating the last bone of each toe. A flexor tendonectomy involves severing the tendon that controls …