Wh?t would ??u do if you w?r? l??k?d ?n ??ur body, ??ur brain ?nt??t but w?th n? w?? t? ??mmun???t?? How d? ??u survive ?m?t??n?ll? wh?n ??u ?r? invisible to ?v?r??n? ??u kn?w ?nd love?
That’s th? f?r?t ?u??t??n ??k?d b? NPR’s n?w program ?n hum?n behavior, Invisibilia.
Th? f?r?t ?h?w t?ll? the ?t?r? of Martin Pistorius, wh? f?ll into a m??t?r??u? ??m? ?? a ??ung boy. He had only ?n? th?ng left as his m?nd began t? fun?t??n ?g??n — his own th?ught?. H?r?’? a gl?m??? ?nt? h?? story.
It w?? the l?t? ’80?, and young M?rt?n Pistorius, growing u? ?n South Afr???, w?? m??tl? th?nk?ng ?b?ut electronics. R????t?r? and tr?n???t?r? and ??u n?m? ?t.
But at ?g? 12, his life took ?n unexpected turn. H? ??m? d?wn w?th a ?tr?ng? illness. Th? doctors w?r?n’t ?ur? wh?t it was, but th??r b??t guess was ?r??t??????l meningitis.
He got …