A pit bull in living in a sanctuary in Australia got the news of her lifetime, when she was as of late adopted by another family. Be that as it may, she wasn’t moving without her closest companion chihuahua pal, who worked through the battle with her, living in the haven. As the family attempted to urge her out of her pet hotel, she declined to leave, bumping her make a beeline for her pal, who likewise required a home.
After haven staff disclosed to the family the two mutts were a reinforced match, the family yielded and chose to adopt them  together. There isn’t a lot to this story, other than that the two went home, and they exited together!
Mornington Peninsula Dog Lovers wrote on Facebook (the post has since been removed). , initially revealed the story and stated,
“This lovely pit bull wouldn’t leave the pound without the terrified Chihuahua …