A car went up in flames last month with a babysitter and two little girls inside in Ludlow.
The babysitter has been in the hospital with third-degree burns for the last three weeks.
Heather Hall, 31, spoke with WLWT for the first time, since a good Samaritan ran to help them.
When Hall re-lives the moment her car was engulfed in flames, she knows she’s lucky to be alive.
Hall has the burns and scars to remind her.
“I don’t even know how we got out of it,” Hall said. “It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever been in, in my life.”
In the early morning of Jan. 19, Hall dropped off her fiancé and was driving home with the 4- and 6-year-old girls she babysits when her car started smoking on Alberta Street.
Moments later, the flames in the front of the car moved to the back where the little girls sat.
“I knew …