OMAHA, Neb- —
John Dutcher will tell you what he thought of Muslims. “I hated Muslims, ” Dutcher admitted.
The Omaha man, who lives in a modest Millard apartment said the deep-seated hate came following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
“There’s a Mosque out here in Millard and I even thought about, how you hear people put bacon on their doors. That’s how bad I was thinking,” admitted Dutcher.
But then something happened. Lutheran Family Services began placing refugee families in his apartment building. A Syrian family moved in across the hall. An Afghan family moved in downstairs. Six Muslim families live in his building. Dutcher is surrounded by the people he hated.
“When they first moved in, I didn’t know how to feel. I kinda had a hatred,” Dutcher said.
Dutcher, 61, said the Muslims moving in, moved him. “These two ladies came over and I felt compelled to offer my assistance. …