Every Act of Kindness Grows the Spirit and Strengthens the Soul!!!!
World’s most charitable athlete Cristiano Ronaldo always find time to serve the humankind. This time Portuguese’s soccer star saved dogs shelter at Portugal.
Cantinho da Lilli in Gouvie is home to many dogs. It was struggling to care for its wards as the treatment costs the shelter thousands of euros.It already have a debt of $2136.00.
On releasing that shelter starts having more and more trouble making ends meet,One of its volunteer approached Ronaldo’s family to seek help.
32- year-old came forward to help the struggling shelter. He sent an autographed jersey for auction. Whatever amount raised from the auction will be used to pay off the shelter’s bills.
This simple act of kindness will help care for dozens of dogs who currently waiting to find their forever homes.
Overwhelmed with the act of kindness Liliana Santos, owner of the Gouveia based shelter said.
“I want to …