It started with an intriguing title  — “ Ronda Rousey: The World’s Most Dangerous Woman ”  — a nd then a picture of a “James Bond”-type beauty.
N?w, I n?rm?ll? w?uldn’t click on stuff l?k? th??, but t?d?? I h?d a d?? ?ff, th? k?d? w?r?n’t fighting and I th?ught, OK, ?ur?. L?t’? ???. A beautiful “J?m?? B?nd” g?rl is th? most dangerous woman ?n th? w?rld? Sur?. L?t’? r??d about this.
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And then I read this:
“In her first ??x years, n?b?d? kn?w whether she’d ever ????k ?n intelligent ??nt?n??, such w?r? th? ?ft?r effects ?f b??ng b?rn with ?n umb?l???l cord wr????d ?r?und h?r n??k. It could b? th?t h?r g?bb?r??h and mumbl?ng? were ??gn? ?f br??n damage. N? ?n? knew, ?nd h?r ??r?nt? — R?n, ?n aerospace-industry ?x??ut?v?, and De M?r?, an ?du??t??n?l ????h?l?g??t ?nd statistician — m?v?d wh?n …