Most principals go the extra mile for their students. But Elizabeth MacWilliams of Carroll Middle School goes many extra miles by meeting with each and every one of her students at their homes.
MacWilliams takes a unique approach to get feedback from her 990 students and their parents, by visiting each one at home. It helps her connect with parents and teachers on a deeper level, and it’s something she has been doing since she was an elementary school teacher in Wilmington.
“When you establish a relationship with somebody at their homes, it deepens trust, their respect. It deepens their motivations on wanting to do right by the community,” she said. “As many home visits as I have done, I’ve never left a home visit disappointed.”
MacWilliams, 34, who has been Carroll’s principal since July 2015, has visited more than half of Carroll’s students so far this year, she said. Even …