The last time Warren Muldoon saw his beloved dog Dakota, she was soaking wet and freezing, mournfully watching him from a mountain ledge as he was hoisted up to a rescue helicopter.
Muldoon, 62, had been badly injured while hiking on Mount Baldy with his German shepherd mix. He broke his leg and five ribs and punctured his lung in a series of falls that separated him from his dog.
Hours later, when a group of hikers stumbled upon him and managed to contact rescuers, neither they nor authorities could reach Dakota on her ledge.
He had to be rushed out of there to save his life as his body temperature dropped precipitously and he faced the risk of hypothermia.
Dakota was left behind.
Muldoon recalled his ordeal to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.
“I could see Dakota just standing there looking at me,” Muldoon told the paper. “It just broke my heart to leave …