At 19 years of age, Mary-Pat Hector is wise beyond her years. When she’s not taking classes at Spelman College, you can find her working on her political campaign.
“I’ve always wanted to be in politics, I just didn’t know it was going to come so soon,” Hector said.
As Youth Director at the National Action Network in Atlanta, she decided to run for a city council seat in the new city of Stonecrest in DeKalb County, where she lives to give millennials a voice in the community.
“Now we have the opportunity to do so in the new city of Stonecrest to make sure we can get off to the right start to ensure there is diversity. Not only diversity in gender, but also in age,” Hector said.
She said one of her opponents challenged her eligibility because of her age, but she was approved to run because of the city charter’s lack …