Dozens of students circled the perimeter of the Westdale Secondary School campus during their lunch break on Monday, forming a “ring of peace” to send a message of safety and inclusivity within its community.
The event, organized by the Muslim Students Association at Westdale, follows a tense few weeks for Canadian Muslims.
Still reeling from the Quebec mosque shooting and the climate following travel restrictions imposed by the U.S., many sought solidarity from their communities.
‘We’re just people – we want to be here as much as you do.’ – Sabreina Dahab, co-organizer
“I hope that everyone sees that, as a school community, we need to stand together as one,” says Hanif Karim, 17.
“That’s one of the issues that we’ve been seeing in our school lately. Not everyone is accepting of everyone at the school,” . 
For the Muslim students of Westdale, the “ring of peace” goes beyond community to show that the school is a safe and inclusive space for …