A truck driver who stopped to rescue a dog on the side of a Florida highway was left stunned after the animal led him to a half-starved domestic rabbit.
Akron resident Dan O’Grady was driving through Jacksonville last month when he spotted the “skinny, frantic” Jack Russell terrier and pulled over to approach it, local shelter Humane Society of Summit County said in a post to Facebook.
When Mr O’Grady approached the dog, it yapped at him and led him over to a bush, where he found a domestic rabbit.
Mr O’Grady retrieved the rabbit and then took the pair – dubbed “Highway” and “Interstate” – back to his truck and fed them the contents of his sandwich before dropping Highway off at a dog shelter.
Upon arrival at the Humane Society – an Ohio shelter that provides care for small animals – rabbit Interstate was found to be “bony and malnourished”.
“Who knows how …