The generosity of gamers can be truly beautiful sometimes, as one nine-year-old cancer sufferer in New Zealand has discovered.
I was holidaying in New Zealand for the last few days, and while I wasn’t supposed to be working I couldn’t help but catch the attention of Angus Little. He’s a nine-year-old currently residing in the oncology ward of Wellington Regional Hospital, having recently undergone chemotherapy for a brain tumour.
Like a lot of hospitals looking after sick children, Wellington had bolted down a PS4 for Little and other children to enjoy. It makes sense – the games are a useful distraction from their horrific situation.
But then some arsehole came along, unscrewed the PS4, and nicked it from the oncology ward.
“We are extremely disappointed that someone would choose to steal something used to occupy and cheer up children who are undergoing treatment,” Chris Lowry, general manager of Wellington Regional Hospital, told New …