Phil Luciano Journal Star columnist @lucianophil
Reading Sunday’s paper, Tiffany Paluska suddenly felt as if sucked backward by a time machine.
She was reading an account in this space about a wedding dress recovered right after Washington got walloped by a 2013 tornado. But after more than three years of searching, the finder still couldn’t locate the owner of the dress, which was pictured in this space.
“Hmm,” Paluska said, staring at dress photos. “That looks familiar.”
Stands to reason: she got married in that dress. Three months later, the twister tore apart her newlywed home.
“I figured the dress was just gone,” says Paluska, 34.
And now it’s back, in the same place as when it blew away.
On Aug. 23, 2013, Paluska (nee Huber) of Bartonville wed Scott, a lifelong Washington resident. They moved into 1202 Hampton Road in Washington.
On Nov. 17, ahead of tornado …