NAMPA — True unconditional love knows no boundaries. It can cross land masses and vast oceans.
Brian and Becky Preece adopted Gabe from Russia when he was four. The Nampa family fell in love with his picture and description online. Becky thought he would be a perfect brother for their son, Jake.
“Since we had our son that has Down syndrome we weren’t afraid of it anymore. We weren’t scared to take on another child with Down syndrome,” said Becky.
Becky did some research and learned that life can be very hard for kids with Down syndrome in Russia.
“After learning that Gabe would go to an adult institution and probably stay there his whole life, we felt like this was a perfect fit,” she said. “He needed a family, and we wanted a child.” 
Becky wasn’t the only one concerned about Gabe.
Olga Hazanova, a professor of English and English literature at Moscow University in …