An inexpensive, solar-powered ambulance that can fit down narrow lane-ways is set to hit the road in rural Bangladesh this year, its manufacturers say.
The three-wheeled van, as well-equipped as ambulances used in Bangladesh’s cities, runs entirely on solar power, including solar battery power at night, and can be used in rural areas with no grid electricity, according to the developers.
Brac university, a government organisation and a local vehicle manufacturer who are collaborating on the vehicle say it should for the first time bring ambulance service to rural areas without it.
The vehicle is in the field testing stage and there are plans to launch it by the end of 2017.
In many rural areas, emergency patients are often taken to hospital in hand-pulled rickshaw vans. But the new, small three-wheeler ambulance will fit along narrow roads in rural areas where it is difficult for larger ambulances to run.
Zahidul Islam, a farmer in …