Star Trek actor William Shatner was one of many people who stepped up in a big way to help a Nanaimo father find Star Wars-branded boxes of Kraft Dinner for his son, who has autism.
Reed Botwright issued a “call for help” on Facebook Sunday after he bought the last box he could find in town for his six-year-old son Everett.
Like a number of children with autism, Everett is very selective about what he eats. So his father was ecstatic when he noticed that Everett developed a taste for this particular KD, a limited-edition product that features noodles shaped like characters from the Star Wars universe.
But he needed help when he could find no more boxes in Nanaimo. So he asked social media for assistance.
And none other than William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, was among the people who stepped up to help.
But Shatner wasn’t the only one who helped …