Just Monday evening, a German man used his Tesla Model S to slow down a car behind him that was piloted by an unconscious man, German newspaper Tz reports.
Manfred Kicks was driving his Tesla Model S on the A9 section of the Autobahn near Munich when he noticed a car behind him repeatedly hitting the guardrail. That car, a Volkswagen Passat, was being driven by a 47-year-old man Kicks said he figured was unconscious, possibly enduring a stroke. Concerned, Kicks says he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed the VW driver incapacitated. “The driver had tipped forward and hung motionless in the belt. The head and hands hung limply down,” Kicks said. 
In a move that can be described as utilitarian, Kicks slowed down his Tesla Model S until the Volkswagen came into its near vicinity and held down his brakes, with the VW colliding into the rear of his electric …