A Canadian court has awarded a former Burger King cook $46,000 ($35,000 USD, £28,000) in damages after she was fired for taking home a fish sandwich, fries and beverage.
Usha Ram says her manager gave her permission to take home the food.
The 55-year-old immigrant from Fiji had worked at various Burger King locations around Vancouver for 24 years.
Her boss, Janif Mohammed, fired her to warn other staff against theft.
In her ruling, Justice Lisa Warren found that the employers acted in an “unreasonable, unfair and unduly insensitive manner” and should have considered that Ms Ram would have difficulty finding other employment because of her age, limited education and English skills.
Mr Mohammed, who defended himself, says Ms Ram was an exemplary employee, a “wonderful lady” and a “good worker”. The two had worked together since 1989.
At the time of her dismissal, in January 2014, she was earning $21,000 a year and working full-time. …