There was the unforgettable story of Australia’s oldest man who knits sweaters for rescue penguins. Then there’s the world’s oldest marathoner, Harriette Thompson. She completed the 26.2 mile race in only 7 hours and some change!
All of their stories are different, but each of them carry a love for life that shines from their faces in the most beautiful way. Recently, we stumbled on a Grandma who surprised her kids with the most groovy dance we’ve ever seen as she strolled into the local Waffle House.
We can safely assume that this particular grandma is often caught in some sort of hilarity, because almost as soon as she steps out of the car she starts to shake a move.
Luckily, one of the restaurant’s patrons pulled out their cell phone to record, because what happened next was just pure magic.
Everyone starts to giggle as the grandma starts to sway. Then out of nowhere, she …