PLACENTIA – A truism: Husbands mess things up.
Even the best things. Even the most romantic things, the nicest things. Even the things that make wives fall in love with the big lugs in the first place.
Bob Hoffmann, an operations manager at Ford in Long Beach, messed up last week so badly that he needed a team of people at the Goodwill Store in Placentia – and a serious amount of prayer – to bail him out.
In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, Bob may be the most romantic, nicest and luckiest man in Southern California. When you hear his story, you may feel like slamming your palm into your forehead. And then you might want to congratulate him for showing such heart.
The whole thing started when Bob thought it would be a good idea to hide an envelope full of $8,000 in cash inside the pocket of an old orange shirt …