Police are commending staff at an Ontario recycling depot for returning over $100,000 of inheritance money after it was forgotten inside an old television.
Barrie police said staff at GEEP Industries dismantled a television in mid-January after it sat in the yard for over a year. While taking apart the television, an employee found a cash box with bank records going as far back as 1985. The employee gave it to the general manager, who then called police.
Officers launched a criminal investigation, but it was determined the money and records belonged to a 68-year-old man from Bolsover, Ont. Police said over $100,000 was put in the television “for safekeeping” where it was forgotten about.
Police said the television was given to a family friend without realizing anything was inside the unit. It was then taken to the recycling depot a year ago to be disposed of.
“The money is believed to have been …