MOUNTAIN GREEN — The harsh winter cold has brought not only avalanches and flooding this year, but a rare bird not seen in Utah for close to 30 years.
Utahns gathered in Mountain Green Feb. 9 after someone spotted the largest owl in the world, the Great Gray Owl, on the side of a road. Utah resident Amber Watkins-Olpin said she was driving to work in the morning and saw a group of people taking pictures and looking at something.
“I just looked to the side of the road and (the owl) was on the ground, and it was absolutely incredible. It was sitting there perched so calmly, and I left for a couple hours and came back, and it was in a tree,” Watkins-Olpin said.
After returning from work, Watkins-Olpin went home and brought her family back to where the owl had stayed. Her husband, Chris …