Insomnia is a curse with many potential causes. But if rickshaw puller Abdul Samad Sheikh, 60, from Vagondanga village in Faridpur sadar upazila’s Aliabad union suffers from a restless night, the cause is likely obvious: he didn’t plant a tree that day. For the last 48 years the man known as ‘Tree Samad’ has planted at least one tree per day. It’s his passion.
“For the whole night I cannot sleep if I have not planted a tree,” he says. “I’ve been doing that since I was twelve years old.” A normal year has 365 days. In 48 years, with an extra 12 days added to account for leap years, there will be 17,532 days. At a minimum, that’s how many trees Samad has nurtured.
“Mostly I plant them on government land so nobody can cut them down later,” Samad says. Indeed the compounds of various mosques and government offices across Faridpur …