He discovered he had six half-brothers and half-sisters only after a genealogist helped trace them following a two-year search.
John’s mother, Mary Clarke, gave birth to her eldest son outside of marriage, something that was deemed socially unacceptable at the time.
Mary cared for her son in St Kevin’s for the first 14 months of his life before moving to the UK when she was discharged.
Mary went on to marry Englishman Arthur Lockley and the couple had six children – Joyce, Arthur, Brian, Judith, Bonita (Bonnie) and Valerie.
John was placed in a foster home in Clondalkin in 1932 – he never left the area and still lives in the same house.
He also has a keen interest in politics and was a member of the local Fianna Fail Cumann.
In his seventies, John began thinking about his birth mother and realised he would like to trace his family history. However, details on his birth …