The 68-???r-?ld metal l?g?nd was d??gn???d w?th l?m?h?m? ?n 2012.
Bl??k S?bb?th guitarist Tony Iommi has been ?l??r?d of cancer ?ft?r r?v??l?ng h? is f?n?ll? ?n remission.
Th? 68-???r-?ld, wh? w?? diagnosed w?th l?m?h?m? cancer ?n 2012, revealed th? good n?w? dur?ng a ?l??u?-unv??l?ng ?t S??r? Parkway H????t?l’? S?????l??t Care Centre ?n S?l?hull, where h?’d been r????v?ng tr??tm?nt.
“I am ?n remission ?nd h???full?, this situation w?ll continue,” h? shared.
“I came back to h????t?l ?tr??ght after w? f?n??h?d a r?und ?f European t?ur dates, ?nd th? g??d news ?? th?t everything is alright u? to th?? ???nt.
I?mm? ???d h?’? ?w?r? th? ??n??r ??uld r?turn ?n? d??, th?ugh it ?????r? ?h?m?th?r??? ?nd the f?ll?w-u? treatment “have done the tr??k.”
“I have a bl??d test every ??x weeks ?t m? GP’?, ?nd I come in here at regular intervals for ?h??k-u??,” h? ?x?l??n?d.
“Th?t’? ??m?th?ng that I’ll h?v? t? …