PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A puppy who was found with a metal rod lodged in his head is going to have vision in both eyes.
Earlier this month, the now 12-week-old terrier mix was brought to University Veterinary Specialists in McMurray. The five-inch metal rod in his head went through one eye, through the other eye socket and the front part of his brain.
“It’s nothing short of a miracle that he has both of his eyeballs, and he is going to live a normal, happy life,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rory Lubold.
According to a press release from University Veterinary Specialists, the puppy is doing remarkably well after surgery.
“We confirmed that the puppy had vision in the left eye after surgery. The right eye sustained significantly more damage and it was unclear if he would even be able to keep the eye. The doctors and technicians here at University Veterinary Specialists have …