Cletus is one unique dog.
Born with a number of fused joints and a severe overbite, Cletus is definitely not your average dog when it comes to appearances.
His unique looks certainly haven’t managed to hold him back, though.
When Cletus first arrived at the Best Friends Pet Adoption/Spay Neuter Center in Los Angeles, he had a pretty bad respiratory infection. The team at Best Friends had no trouble clearing it up with a dose of antibiotics, but Cletus’s other issues were a different story. He was born with several fused joints and a crooked face with a rather severe overbite.
Barbara Williamson from Best Friends Animal Society told all about their darling Cletus:
Cletus is the complete package, a rescued little dog with an unusual mug, a spectacularly different swagger and a unique fashion sense.
Cletus’s ailments have lent him his signature appearance, but his gentle, happy spirit outshines his physical shortcomings. So much …