ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — It was a photo-op under the warm Colorado sun in Englewood on Thursday for 12-year-old Grant Mize and his family.
They flew in from Texas to visit the Freedom Service Dogs facility.
They got the VIP tour from Lindsay Ganassa.
“What we do is we transform rescue and shelter dogs into custom trained service dogs for veterans and other adults,” Ganassa said.
Being a dog lover and patriot who appreciates what our service members do and have done for our country, Grant from Sugarland, Texas, wanted to make a donation.
“I’ve always loved dogs so when I saw that they take rescue dogs and trained them, because they’re not just giving veterans a better life but they’re also giving dogs a better life and a better purpose,” Mize said.
So, Mize cut Freedom Service Dogs a check for $1,250. That’s a whole lot of kibble.
“That amount of money will actually cover the cost …