Jordan points to her own “lucky fin,” a left arm that stops just before the elbow. Just like Nemo, she might have to work a little bit harder since she was born with only one hand, but that doesn’t stop her.
She is an innovator who gained fame for a glitter-shooting prosthetic, a CrossFit athlete, a musician, a Girl Scout and an advocate for young children with limb differences.
“She’s a force to be reckoned with, one arm or two,” her mom, Jen Reeves, said. “It doesn’t matter.”
When Jen Reeves’ second child was born, she instantly knew something was wrong.
“Oh my gosh, where’s her hand?” Jen remembers asking.
The doctors looked down at the newborn girl, Jordan, whose left arm stopped just above her elbow.
“Oh … she’s fine,” Jen remembers the doctors saying. “No, really. It’s fine.”
Jen recalls looking up at her husband, Randy, and in an odd moment …