TULSA — People start businesses to improve their own livelihoods, but Katie Hinkle began selling a special line of handmade jewelry to benefit more than just her growing family.
Hinkle started making jewelry on her own about four years ago. She picked an unlikely material as well to craft the geometric pieces. She uses concrete, a heavy-duty building material, to craft the sleek, lightweight pendant necklaces.
“Architectural lines are what I’ve always been drawn to, and shapes,” Hinkle said, “so I think it falls perfectly within that.”
She said it took her about a year to perfect the technique with the concrete, and often has to clear up concerns that customers might have about the material.
“People are always surprised when I do shows and they’re picking them up and how little they weigh,” Hinkle said with a laugh. “I always have to clarify that online, that it’s just a couple of ounces.”
She admits …