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“I ?r?v??l?d on m? daughter t? get a k?t, ?nd ?t ??m?? with th? right size l??m ?nd th? r?ght tools t? h?l? ??u kn?t ?n?,” “I ju?t f?ll?w?d the ?n?tru?t??n?. It w?? ????. S?m?h?w I h?d n?v?r knitted, and I ?lw??? ???????t?d kn?tt?ng w?th a bunch of needles but this l??k?d pretty doable f?r m?. I went thr?ugh two ?r three before I ??m? ?ut w?th a good finished ?r?du?t.”
By the t?m? h? w?? finished, he had ??r??n?ll? kn?tt?d 55 colorful, ??mf?rt?bl? b?b? ???? ?n r????n?? t? h?? l?v?ng ??mmun?t?’? ?h?ll?ng? …