When Levente Diosady was tasked two decades ago with finding a way to add iron into the diets of people in developing countries and save millions of lives, he took it with a grain of salt — literally.
Diosady, a food engineering professor at the University of Toronto, found a way to add iron to table salt but it took a lot longer than he thought.
“A couple of experiments turned into 20 years of lab work,” Diosady told CBC Toronto.
Now, the condiment dubbed “double-fortified salt” is delivering health benefits to more than 24 million people in India’s state of Uttar Pradesh, where anemia is particularly rampant.
According to the World Health Organization, iron deficiency anemia is the most widespread nutritional disorder in the world. Poor pregnancy outcome, impaired physical and cognitive development, increased risk of death in children and reduced work productivity in adults are possible consequences. 
The Uttar Pradesh state government is spending more than …