LANCASTER, Pa. — One woman in Lancaster County is helping recovering drug addicts find their own rhythm.
April Hartman, from Lancaster, started an organization called “Second Chance to Play” to give them a different outlet in music.
She said, “Music is a way that people heal from all different kinds of things that go on in life.”
Hartman said some people recovering from addiction just crave strumming the strings of a guitar again.
“I had done music when I was younger but it was definitely something I lost to my addiction and I never really thought I would get back,” she said.
Hartman went to rehab for drug and alcohol treatment a couple years ago. When she got clean, she played at an open mic night at her rehab center.
Hartman said, “I needed something to fill the hole in my life. So I picked up music and I started playing in there.”
After she got clean, Hartman …