Nine-year-old Braden Derouin is on the autism spectrum and has anxiety, sensory processing disorder and low muscle tone.
When his mom, Kimberly Derouin, took him about a year ago to a workshop through Autism Climbs, he was scared and stopped after going up just a few steps on a climbing wall.
They kept trying, and his climbing steadily improved. Sunday, he happily scaled the walls during a workshop at Boulder’s ABC Kids Climbing.
“They don’t care if it takes him 45 minutes to get to the top, they’ll stick with him,” Derouin said. “When they succeed, they cheer your kiddo like he’s the only one here. We come to as many of these as we can.”
Almost 30 families signed up to attend Autism Climb’s free Sunday workshop, where volunteer certified guides and wall instructors taught basic skills like …