MINNEAPOLIS – If you ever needed proof whether laughter truly is the best medicine, then look no further than Hans Johnson.
Dr. Paul Thurmes is Han’s oncologist. He looks at scans of Han’s liver from August of 2015. More than 20 tumors. All originating from Han’s stage-four pancreatic cancer.
“When we see someone with that much cancer, usually I think we really don’t have much time,” said Thurmes.
Dr. Joseph Leach was the oncologist who originally diagnosed Hans in 2015. It’s a day when at least briefly, the laughter stopped cold.
“He said three to six months without chemo, six to 12 months with chemo. I was like ‘oh geez. I need a drink!” Johnson said laughing.
He got that drink and then went to work. Fighting any cancer is a full-time job, but pancreatic cancer is by far the most difficult and deadly. Johnson was determined to laugh his way to a miracle.
“Yeah, people …