Baton Rouge police are thanking a woman for having an officer’s back — literally — when a traffic stop suddenly became dangerous Sunday morning.
Vickie Williams-Tillman was on her way to run some errands when she noticed a police officer on the side of a road engaged in a heated conversation with a man outside of his car. 
Police said that as Officer Billy Amie tried to secure the man in handcuffs, the driver became aggressive.
Williams-Tillman, 56, began to brake and rolled down her car window to ask the officer if he needed help. Before he could answer, she saw the suspect leap toward the officer.
Without hesitating, the woman dialed 911. But when police say the suspect took the officer’s baton and began to repeatedly hit the officer in the head with it, Williams-Tillman couldn’t just sit back and wait.
Instead, she jumped out of her vehicle and onto the suspect’s back.
“Risking her …