AUSTIN – Kristen Patton, 41, is still coming to grips with what she has been through — two heart attacks that nearly killed her and a heart transplant. 
“I still have a hard time really reconciling because I don’t feel like a person who died,” said the Austin resident and mother of four.
It wasn’t too long ago that doctors had no idea if she would live after Patton’s heart stopped twice.
The second time was worse.
“It was horrifying. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through,” Patton said through tears, “I felt like I was drowning and that was just a terrifying feeling.”
Her journey started Christmas Eve in 2015 when she returned home after having her fourth child, a baby girl. The night went from sheer joy to a nightmare.
“All of a sudden I got a pain in my jaw. It started really about right here. And it just felt like …