An African farmer has been praised for ensuring wild animals in drought-stricken Kenya don’t go thirsty.
Pea farmer Patrick Kilonzo Mwala has detailed his visits to replenish a local waterhole that supports elephants, zebras, lions and buffalos in a series of posts to Facebook.
Mr Mwala’s efforts are a funded by donations, and he delivers an estimated 12,000 litres per visit.
His work ensures countless animals are able to get access to water where they might not have otherwise.
Mr Mwala makes the 45km trip about four times a week and at a cost of $326 per visit.
He said that many animals have come to rely on him, with many waiting at the waterhole for his daily delivery and some even mobbing his tank truck due to the “smell of water”.
In a post earlier this month, he described a number of “big giants…coming towards our truck with no fear, for we have precious commodity …