ADAIR PARK – This is a story about what happens when you say “Yes.”
‘Yes’ instead of “It’s not my place,” or “It’s not my business,” or “It’s not my problem.”
In this case the yeses came from a couple who just wanted a cute house for not a lot of money. “It was an inexpensive house that we could afford to buy.”
Becky and Tim O’Mara sit on their front porch. The porch was what sealed the deal on their affordable fixer upper in the middle of Adair Park.
The area had the dubious distinction of being an Atlanta zip code with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation.
Becky says, “That was the state of the neighborhood. It was common to see prostitutes out on Metropolitan (Parkway), or in the neighborhood.”
The O’Maras discovered they were in the midst of all the wrong highs — high crime — high rate of home …