He used to arrive to class early and while his parents just thought he was a diligent student, they never knew the real reason why.
Andy, 22, would make sure he was the first one in the class so he could hide up the back and nobody would have to see him walk through the door.
“Being overweight, that’s the worst thing possible, to have everyone’s attention on you,” he said in a Facebook video about his weight loss journey.
The Texan man weighed almost 150kg and was self conscious of his body. But in less than a year he lost more kilograms than what he weighs now.
He shed a massive 77kg and is now down to about 66kg.
He claims his weight loss wasn’t a miracle, but rather the result of discipline.
In the video posted on his Facebook page, The Andy Journey, he said to succeed, losing weight had to be something you …