A day of outdoor fun turned into a near-fatal experience for three Nova Scotians this weekend, when a wall of snow crashed down around them, trapping them underneath its heavy weight.
Steve Bayers, his son Ben Bayers and his son’s friend, Adam Inch were building a snow fort in Lawrencetown, N.S. Saturday afternoon when the roof suddenly caved in.
“We were all trapped,” Steve said Monday. “I knew it was very serious when my arms were pinned underneath me and my leg, my heel was into my back and my foot was twisted up and I couldn’t get any of my limbs free.”
“The two kids, who were literally feet away from me, were screaming and there was nothing I could do to help them.”
“I didn’t know what happened,” Ben said. “I thought someone just jumped on me and then I realized the weight just kept gaining and gaining and that’s when I realized I …