BATON ROUGE – A Baton Rouge Police officer was rushed to the hospital after he was attacked during a traffic stop on Harry Drive Sunday morning.
According to BRPD, the officer found 28-year-old Thomas Bennett sleeping in a parked vehicle around 7:50 a.m. in the 8400 block of Harry Drive. The officer noticed drug paraphernalia in the car and conducted a search of the vehicle.
After the officer recovered multiple syringes and a bag of cocaine, Bennett suddenly attacked the officer.
Bennett reportedly grabbed the officer’s baton and began striking the officer in the head with it. He also grabed the officer’s  firearm and attempted to remove it from the holster.
During the incident, 56-year-old Vickie Wi lliams-Tillman noticed the situation and contacted authorities.
Williams-Tillman then stepped in to assist the officer and jumped on the suspect’s back in an attempt to stop the attack. She was able to hold off Bennett from further injuring the officer until responding officers …