A Texan couple has given a puppy born with his front legs missing a new chance at life.
Six-week-old boxer “Nubby” was surrendered to Houston residents Mark and Lou Robinson last month, after his previous owners noticed he was struggling to feed.
“Left to his own facilities he would perish, as he would not be quick enough to manoeuvre around his siblings and find his mother. Most pups would never have a chance,” the couple wrote on a Facebook page they made for Nubby.
The page has since accumulated thousands of followers.
The Robinsons said that while Nubby initially thrived in the company of their own dogs, who were more than willing to provide the requisite “dog love and dog care, the nudging, the licking, the warmth”, he began to present an array of alarming symptoms.
A visit to the vet late last month revealed he was suffering from aspirated pneumonia, caused by a suspected …