Dad Creates App to Help Daughter Communicate. Since Rob Laffan’s little girl Sadie has nonverbal autism.  So attempting to convey what she needed or felt to her parents was terribly frustrating.
That is the reason Rob made a revolutionary application called Tippy Talk to help her say what she needed, felt, or required. Here about information of Tippy Talk application.
The application begins by giving Sadie a photograph of her mom and another photograph of her dad. When she chooses which one she might want to speak with. In app she is given many pictures that relate with feeling or question. In addition, she chooses the picture, the announcement is then converted into a worded instant message that is sent to the parent’s telephone.
The application might be like exchange communication boards that have as of now been utilized for year, yet Tippy Talk permits Sadie to speak with her folks whether they’re …