TUCSON (KVOA) — A young dog is in training to become a therapy dog after he was found severely burned and neglected in Santa Cruz County in November 2016.
The dog, about one-year-old, is named Hudson.
The Sanctuary Project, a non-profit organization, rescued Hudson back in November. The Sanctuary Project founder, Amy Cubillas, said Hudson has healed well in the months he’s been under the care of the organization.
“Hudson has come so far, really, in such the short period of time that he’s been with us,” said Cubillas. “His healing has just been tremendously expedited.”
Initially, Cubillas said she planned for Hudson to be adopted.
“We were inundated with applications and inquiries for him, but when we were really evaluating this dog we realized he loves working,” she said. “He is so spectacular that you know he has the capability to touch a tremendous number of lives, and specifically kids.”
Cubillas said that’s why Hudson …