Sometimes the spark that drives transformation comes down to a single factor: an opportunity to make a change. For the nation’s formerly incarcerated, however, that chance can be tough to come by. It’s a story that plays out in cities and towns across the country. A person is released from prison, work proves difficult to find and the cycle begins again.
In part, that explains the nation’s recidivism rate. Though the numbers vary by state, roughly three-quarters of ex-convicts are rearrested within five years, and more than half of those return behind bars. Ask Brandon Chrostowski about it, and he’ll tell you that it’s more than a problem. It’s a civil-rights issue — and that’s why he decided to do something about it.
For diners at Edwins Restaurant in Cleveland Shaker Square, fine French cuisine is an initial draw. The setting is nouvelle-chic, befitting a Francophile menu that garners praise. Bar …